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Step 2 CS - About the Step 2 CS Exam

About the USMLE Exam

The USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS) examination is intended to assess a medical graduate’s ability to correctly apply his or her clinical knowledge and medical training under typical clinical conditions.

(ICE) Candidates are required to perform in twelve, fifteen minute simulated patient encounters, and must exhibit competence in Data Gathering skills while taking a focused history and completing a physical examination. Following each encounter, they will be allotted ten minutes to accurately document their findings in a Patient Note.

(CIS) Examinees are also expected to demonstrate their mastery of sound Communication and Interpersonal Skills through the expression of appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviors. In this category, candidates will be scored on professional manner and rapport, questioning skills, and information sharing.

(SEP) Finally, all examinees are required to possess an acceptable level of Spoken English Proficiency which will be assessed over the course of the exam.

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