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Testimonials and Feedback

Step 2 CS FAQ

"Dear Doug and Marisa,

I just got notification of results yesterday to say I had passed – cannot tell you what a massive relief it is. Thank you both for your help in getting passed this hurdle. Your weekend course was fantastic – exactly what I needed coming from an outside system!

I would recommend it to everyone."


Kind regards,
Dr. David McIlroy

"Dear Sir,

I want to thank you and all of your team a lot. I just got my results and I passed step 2 cs. Your coaching helped me a lot in improving my CIS part. You people actually made amazing efforts in teaching each and everything so nicely and in detail that you make sure everybody understands every single point. I have never experienced learning under such an experienced and nice teacher ever before in my life."

Thanks again,
Dr. Yogita Lachera

"Hello Mr. Lieth,

I would like to thank you and your team for helping me pass the step 2 cs exam. I got my results today and I am really happy. Thank you once again. You helped me improve my communication skills and clinical skills, and how to approach patients in the exam. I would recommend your course to everyone who needs help. I am an international graduate and it helped me a lot."

Thank you,
Dr. Kanthi Kiran Paul

"Dear Douglas Lieth,

I got my step 2 cs results today and I passed my exam. Your workshop was of great help to me. I learned many new things, and also got a chance to take and discuss cases with some of the standardized patients. Your printed material was also of great help for practicing the cases in a systematic and comprehensive way – that is just what is required for the exam. I followed almost each and everything told at your workshop which made it easy to pass the exam."

Thanks a ton,
Dr. Ratnam Nookala

"Dear Mr. Lieth,

After failing the CS the first time, I took your class in March in NJ. I was very nervous about my result this time. I am very happy to say that I passed! Your course gave me important pointers and boosted my confidence. Thank you for making this course exist, and that too at a reasonable price. Thanks to the rest of the team as well!"

Bye and God bless you,
Dr. Zunaira Islam

"Dear Mr. Lieth,

I just learned that I passed the CS exam on the first attempt back in May, 2009. Thank you very much. You were telling us all the little “secrets” about the exam, and you are a great teacher anyway. Additionally, you have a wonderful and highly skilled team of SPs with you. Congratulations. I will highly recommend your truly hands-on workshop."

Best regards,
Dr. Rocco Hueneke

"Dear Mr. Lieth,

I got my results and passed after taking your comprehensive course. That was my second attempt. I followed your instructions in the communication skills, and that made a really big difference in my performance. I want to thank you for your support and teaching, and I would recommend your course to all my friends. God bless you."


My best regards,
Dr. Suzan Gouda

"Dear Mr. Lieth,

I am pleased to tell you that I got the CS score and I passed. First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and your SPs for the excellent guidance. Attending your Step 2CS Review course was the turning point of my preparation. It cleared all my doubts and taught me how to communicate well with SPs, and how to do the physical examination efficiently. I adopted all of those into the real exam, and I was confident during the test and felt good about myself. Your effort pays off and you deserve the best compliment. Salute!

To show my support, I have recommended your wonderful course to several of my friends and colleagues who are preparing for the test now.

Long live Step 2CS Review course!"


Dr. Jindong Xu

"Hello Mr. Lieth,
Thank you very much for your support and teaching. My test went smoothly. I should tell you that what you taught really matters in the real exam - in fact, that is the only thing that came to my mind during the exam. I read a lot of books but I believe what you taught really helped. I’ll be in touch. Thanks once again. "

Dr. A.Dildeep (Ridgewood, N.Y.)

"Dearest Sir,
I have just received an update of my score and I have cleared the Step 2CS examination. I can only thank you for all the help, the preparation tips, and the support you gave me. I have no words to express my emotion at this point in time. You know what it means to me.
Thanking you, Yours truly, "

Dr. Ankur Kalra
CEO e-Medicine & Promotions
Kalra Hospital & SRCNC

"Dear Mr. Lieth,
Your workshop is the most comprehensive, to the point program out there and the wisest decision I ever made. You, no doubt, know the exam in and out and what they want from us. I would highly recommend this workshop as it gives you every possible thing you need to pass the exam.

Sincerely, Dr. Nitin Behl (New Jersey)

"I would like to inform you that I passed the USMLE Step 2 CS. Your course was an excellent tool to improve my communication skills and data collecting information from patients. I wish the best of the best for you. You have excellent skills to teach and give the specific clinical information a physician needs to achieve an excellent score on this test."

Francisco Gonzalez (Winter Garden, FL)

"I have the opportunity to take the step2cs review in January this year. I followed all your great recommendations and suggestions and when I took the test everything was so easy. I got my CS score report today and I passed. I am recommending the step2cs review to my friends and thank you very much for all your support and explanations during the cs review.

Sincerely, Danny Guillen, M.D.
Clinical Supervisor
TJH Medical Services, PC

"Dear Mr. Lieth,
I want to let you know how much you helped me to get through the test. I got your extra-ordinary support till the day before my exam. If you could remember I called you to know the approach of 2 cases which was new to me. I had one of them in my exam, and believe me I was not nervous at all, as I was confident that I knew the real approach. In all encounters I found myself well oriented as I had already been practicing those cases again and again in the same method that was discussed in your workshop. Finally I want to express my gratitude to you and your team for their valuable advice.
Thanks again,"

Dr. Kaniz Khan